MA Pembangunan Took Part The UNESCO Program

15 August 2017 Berita

Wednesday (7/6) MA Pembangunan was selected to be one of the Pilot School of the UNESCO Program and took part in national team meeting entitled “Promoting Intercultural Dialogue and A Culture of Peace in Southeast Asia Through Shared Histories Project”, which held at Gedung Pusat Kurikulum dan Pembukuan Jakarta.

Mr. Drs. Rusli Ishaq, M.Pd as the Principal and Mr. Firdaus as a History Teacher of MA Pembangunan attended this meeting.

This is a new program initiated by UNESCO with the aim to strengthen the relationship of brotherhood in Southeast Asian countries which has similarities of clumps, the Austronesia Clumps. This program will begin in the new academic year of 2017-2018 through the History of Indonesia lessons.

“Very proud to be delegated in this Project Pilot School because it could make good impact for students in understanding about Southeast Asia, especially in terms of its history. And I really hope, students who have obtained the material could be sensitive and attached to the other ASEAN countries,” said Mr. Daus. [dn]

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